My Repository

Folders sitting on my computer📂...

Redux User Auth


A User Authentication workflow made with the MERN stack, Redux Toolkit and RTK Query.

Web3 Wallet UI


A Web3 inspired dashboard built with React, Chart.js & React Query to monitor and display cryptocurrency prices in real time — client project.

React Email App


A Next.js 13 app that uses and Nodemailer to create and send emails — test locally.

Dojo Helpdesk


A ticketing app built with Next.js 13, Supabase & Server Actions. From a course by NetNinja, but refactored with TypeScript by me.

Diary Sessions Blog


The first ever full-stack project I built — a blog app built with React.js & Firebase.



A landing page for my sister's hair brand — SlayedbyVO. Built with Vite & React.js.

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