Creator, Writer, Devloper.

🎈 Nov 14

Brief Bio

  • Currently lives in F.C.T Abuja, Nigeria.

  • Began coding with HTML, CSS & PHP in 2017. Started writing JavaScript since 2020.

  • I write on my blog and also on other tech publications like LogRocket and

  • I'm naturally drawn towards puzzles and problem solving — Rubik's cube sub 60⏲️.

  • Fascinated with human computer interaction.

  • Actively studying Web3 & Mobile development.

Interesting facts?

  • Enjoys red wine 🍷

  • I initially planned to major in Chemical Engineering in college but my Dad switched my entry with Computer Engineering — talk about the butterfly effect.

  • Watching shows/movies is my favourite pass time. Huge fan of the Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul series⚖️.

  • Belives in Stoic philosphy.

  • Manchester United fan #GGMU🔴

  • Huge Drake fan.

Connect With Me (:

You can easily connect with me through any of the platforms below. If you want to work together, lets have a chat!